Expression Web Manual

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Microsoft Expression Web 4 Step by Step (by Microsoft)

The free, set-up and user documentation is very well presented and thorough; however, some storeowners and developers appreciate additional teaching perspectives. We recommend Chris Leed's Microsoft Expression Web Step by Step for this purpose.

It's an easy-to-use guide to Expression Web. An excellent resource to usderstand Expression Web Templates for all user levels.

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Here's what others have said:

H. E. Warner
" Because I had no experience with Expression web or any true HTML product the book served as a great help to me in learning the basics of building a good website. "

R. Passoni
"I found the book to be very helpful. I used FrontPage before switching to Expressions Web 4 and do find the new program to be a lot more difficult than FrontPage. Expressions is a much more fuller program and would take more time and effort to learn. The book was instrumental in making that process much easier. "